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Success Stories

These are a few of our highlight stories of teachers and other LXDLaunchers who made their dreams happen.

Escaping Higher Ed with Escape Rooms

Starting my learning journey with eLearning Launch, now LXDLaunch, was one of the best things I did to upskill in 2021. I gained not just a new appreciation for Instructional Design outside of the higher education perspective, developed new skills in multiple key tools, but also connected with wonderful like-minded individuals over several cohorts. The forming of friendships was unexpected with everyone connecting remotely, but it worked! Brainstorming and troubleshooting together, I made connections that lasted beyond the period of the courses. We even found ways to make the time zone differences work to our advantage. The instructors were amazing at providing support, sharing real-world experiences, and opening my eyes to new possibilities.
The one new course a month upskilling was intense but highly satisfying. Each course provided an opportunity to create at least two to three products that I'm proud to add to my portfolio. This opened up new career opportunities! Six months after that first course, I'm now in a new role where I can put my new and improved skills to use. I look forward to following new offerings at LXDLaunch to continue my learning journey.
Sharon Gan
Former higher ed professional and now Learning Experience Designer

From Full Time Teacher to Instructional Designer in 67 days!

The LXDLaunch voyage guides you to upskill in your learning theory and supports you in applying those skills to your work samples with a plethora of authoring tools (Storyline, Camtasia, and Augmented Reality). It takes hard work, time management, taking constructive feedback and furthering your skills outside of class time to be successful. I apply everything I learned, and more, in the LXDLaunch journey to my current role as a corporate instructional designer. I’m very grateful for Alex’s mentorship and the LXDLauncher community for supporting my career pivot from teacher to Instructional Designer.
Heidi Raganathan
Former teacher and now Learning Experience Designer

From Teacher to Creative Designer

The Camtasia cohort took my skills to another level! Not only did the course cover fundamentals in video editing and use of tools within Camtasia, but also provided opportunities for collaborative review that were engaging and really helped me to enhance my skills. Alex is a thoughtful and generous instructor that takes the time to provide feedback and really explains the purpose behind it, which helped me to become a more impactful designer. I feel so much more confident in my skills after this course and would recommend to anyone looking for an amazing learning experience!
Hannah Radant
Former teacher and now Learning Experience Designer

Long nights, coaching sessions, AND she did it!

It definitely takes a lot of hard work, precise time management and receiving constructive feedback to improve and further your skills. Alex will push you to perfection and you will be amazed in what you truly can achieve. And as a quiet person like me, I learned how to break out of my comfort zone to be able to grow and learn. I even did a live session on LinkedIn which I could never imagine I could do. I am very grateful for Alex’s mentorship, guidance, time and the support he gave me as well as the entire community of LXDLaunchers where I met many great people who were exceptionally supportive, and many have become good friends.
Shaza-Abdol Hamid
Former teacher and now Learning Experience Designer

Carla's Journey

The cohort experience allows you to learn, share, and grow with others. In the Enterprise ID course, you learn so much about the actual process by participating in a project with your team. It takes a lot of hard work, but you will grow so much from the experience. Alex pushes you to get the best you have to offer and encourages you to strive for a high-quality product. The amount of knowledge you gain is worth all the blood, sweat, and tears. You will be well prepared for your ID journey after participating in this program.
Carla Wright
Former educator and now Learning Experience Designer

Luke skilled up and earned a promotion.

I believe LXDLaunch is the best investment I have made in taking my Learning and Development career to the next level. There is a wide variety of awesome and engaging courses that are essential to anyone building their skillsets in this field, from beginner through to advanced. The approach of doing this in projects and the expertise of your instructor has meant I’ve built a portfolio that shows what I can do. I have also found that the connections and friendships I have made here have also been invaluable for supporting my career growth.
Luke Gleadall
Former teacher and now Learning Experience Designer