Virtual learning Facilitator cohort

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This 4-week cohort gives you fantastic
facilitation and virtual training skills.
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create engaging virtual learning spaces

MAR 3rd-MAR 24th
6:30-8PM EST

While virtual training is not new it has gained increased attention and focus as every industry goes through digital transformation. The need for impactful virtual learning experiences is growing.

Develop your confidence and competency at a virtual learning facilitator...

  • Create a reel that highlights your onscreen presence
  • Learn techniques for engaging your audience
  • Build a toolkit of resources and virtual activities that show you are a pro
  • Collaborate with your cohort
  • 1 Certificate

Live Practice and Coaching

The only way to develop skills that will be used in live environment is to practice them in context and get immediate feedback

Show Up and Skill Up

Claim your space on the Internet and let employers find you rather than you chasing them.
Valary with a Why

Valary Oleinik

Valary is half artist and half geek, and 100% committed to finding ways to help people develop and deliver more engaging and effective learning experiences. Her innovative approach as a speaker and consultant on gamification of learning and creative problem solving has earned her the titles of "maven of new thinking" and the "MacGyver of training." Throughout her decades in the learning and development space she has been an onsite and online facilitator, instructional designer, presentation coach, and consultant in workplace and higher education settings. She currently serves on the board of USDLA (United States Distance Learning Association) where she formerly chaired the Analytics Committee and currently chairs the Advisory Board. Throughout her endeavors, she is assisted by her cat and bunny who are lousy typists but great at shredding papers.
Patrick Jones - Course author