Learning management system administrator cohort

Implement and Manage an LMS

This 4-week cohort gives you strategic and technical skills to run an LMS in corporate settings.
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This cohort has already passed, but you can take it as a self-paced course at the reduced rate show. 
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manage a vital part of l&D teams

MAR 15th-APR 5th
6:30-8PM EST

Learning Management System Administrators plan, control, implement and manage how learning solutions are distributed in corporate settings. 

Course uploads, user management and catalog distribution skills...

  • 4 work samples involving data management and reporting
  • 1 Certificate
  • Online workgroup collabos
  • Learn object-oriented architectures
  • Apply automation and deploy various delivery methodologies

Free Trial, Cloud Based

You will be creating, deploying and managing your own instance of Adobe Captivate Prime LMS or similar platform.

Show Up and Skill Up

Claim your space on the Internet and let employers find you rather than you chasing them.
Chief of awesomeness and Instructor

Alexander Salas

Alexander Salas is learning experience and eLearning designer with over 15 years of experience specializing in the blend of learning technologies and gamification for performance outcomes. Since 2007, Alex has worked in every facet of corporate learning and performance enablement for Fortune 100 enterprises such as Philips, Centene Corporation and Dell Technologies. He’s the Chief of Awesomeness at eLearning Launch, the online academy for digital learning professionals. When he’s not creating amazing learning experiences, you can find Alex giving back to the community at large with articles, workshops, and conferences.
Patrick Jones - Course author