augmented reality Discoverer MAY 2022

Ready to bring Augmented Reality to your learners?

This cohort experience will show you how to create four AR experiences and build a business case to take back to your organization and WOW them!  
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WEDNESDAYS for 5 weeks

May 4th - June 1st

This cohort will open your eyes to the wonder of Augmented Reality in your learning solutions! You will enter curious and leave an AR evangelist.

Augmented Reality Basics (Discoverer)

  • 4 individual missions
  • 1 Certificate
  • Build your AR business plan 
  • Unleash your creative side
  • Learn how to use Zappar

Show what you can do

More and more, employers are looking to see what creative professionals can do, not just talk about it. 

Spark your innovative mindset

Think differently about how you design learning solutions. 
Chief of awesomeness and Learnstronaut

Alexander Salas

Alexander Salas is learning experience and eLearning designer with over 15 years of experience specializing in the blend of learning technologies and gamification for performance outcomes. Since 2007, Alex has worked in every facet of corporate learning and performance enablement for Fortune 100 enterprises such as Philips, Centene Corporation and Dell Technologies. He’s the Chief of Awesomeness at LXDLaunch, the online academy for digital learning professionals. When he’s not creating amazing learning experiences, you can find Alex giving back to the community at large with articles, workshops, and conferences.
Patrick Jones - Course author