audacity editing audio like a pro

Messed up your audio? Learn how to fix and improve it!

This awesome on-demand course comes with workbooks and videos to follow along with.
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free software, on-demand, finish at your pace

Learn audio editing with Audacity 

Audacity is the most popular FREE audio-editing software. Once you learn how to edit with audacity, you can easily learn other tools.

No one wants to watch a video with poor audio, the same goes for courses.

  • Edit, trim, equalize and compress audio
  • Learn at your own pace, complete all assignments
  • 4 Workbooks and over 15 video lessons
  • Get your assignments reviewed with personalized feedback. 

Grow Your LXD Skills

Top learning professionals that know how to work with audio are key assets to their teams. 

Improve Content Quality

You work at a higher level once you know what good audio is and how it can be fixed.
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Myra Roldan

Myra is a technologist who brings a unique mix of technical, business, and adult education expertise to the game. She is a TEDx speaker, author, and technical designer. Her superpower is her natural ability to make complex technical subjects easy-to-understand by breaking concepts down in a way that is easy to consume, process, and apply. Myra is passionate about empowering people to explore and develop themselves holistically.
Patrick Jones - Course author